Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the public got a little more public

It's hilarious that after I have to write a paper for class, the topic presents itself in my daily world. Perhaps it makes you more aware, but I think its coincidence.
Riding the bus yesterday was showing some serious lack in candidates for blog-central. But, I didn't lose hope. Because even with my headphones BLARING my "GET WET DISC 2" compilation I made, I still heard "IT." And yes, I did say CD, my iPod has been on a 3 week hiatus from my life, and I found my "car ready anti-skip" SONY walkman from high school when iPods were just a glimmer in Mac's sac. Anyways, this paper I wrote was the arising issue of cell phone users in public places polluting "air space" asking if there should be a law passed banning users from certain public places because of personal space issues. Not everyone want's to hear about your Gyno appointment yesterday with the hot doctor probing you while I'm waiting for my bread sticks at Olive Garden. Just sayin. Public places, just got a lot more public. So this "gal" on the bus.... Now, I know a thing or two about loud talking, I myself practice the art of it, but I also practice the art of not being a rude bitch. The entire 30 minute ride, I heard this lady's conversation through my obscenely loud Cam'ron. "HEYLOOOO, you tell Raheem that Tisha is fuckin pickin up da caur, so fuck Ray Ray cuz I'm en LA and it's all dat muthafugahz fauwlt." Along with this atrocious conversation, corresponding hand gestures and movements followed while bouncing on the bench seat diagonally from me. I feared, even in my sunglasses, to look in the general direction for the pure reason that her hot pink tipped nails reached over 2 inches long and looked like they had some dried blood under them. She got this real classy ass outfit on, rockin a T-Mart brand opal white puffy jacket (uh, bitch it's like 87 degrees outside), a sparkly glitter tube top and some nasty ass pink flip flops what looked like spray painted cardboard they were so worn. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing cheap, as long as you don't look it. Because although she did have her nails did, they weren't even airbrushed or bedazzled. There's a fine line. Now continuing, beyond her infectious personality, she was also a real sweet heart. Because a this gentleman hobbled onto the bus with a mother fucking neck brace at the ripe age of a possible 65 fighting for a seat before the bus' abrupt start would surly send him on to back brace as well, and he lost at all costs at the seat game. This ravishing work of art lady has her legs stretched out over the 3 wide bench seat and refuses to move her legs. I'm appalled, not only does she have a piece of work mouth, but her manners are through the roof. But I'm sure on her "walk of shame" to the bus in her cardboard shoes, she would need to put those feet up. So me being the kind citizen I am, and on the verge of tears every single time I see an elderly person, I offer up my seat to the man. I spend the rest of my ride listening to loud mouth mcgee wave her hands around like she was landing planes at LAX and talk shit about Ray Ray and the word "muthafugah" enough to send me to the next millennium, even with my precious mouth, I was over it. So after writing this paper saying there should NOT be a ban on use of cellular devices in public areas, I decided to change my thesis.

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